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Summer Santa

Sorry for the delay folks.

I've been working out the details for our first summer santa exchange.

1 I will set up an official post for those who want to participate. Everyone participating will need to set up their post there by July 19 12 PM US ET.

2 To sign up simply post a comment in the official post.

3 Within two days I will send a Private Message via LJ letting you know who your giftee is. Please enable your LJ to receive Private Messages from any registered user.

4 After everyone receives their names they can message their giftees with their questions and for an address. Be sure to address anything that may be a problem, allergies, complications, ect. (Also, if you are uncomfortable giving out details you can simply say 'no edibles', 'no metal jewelry' ect. )
* Note I would recommend against sending unsealed or homemade edibles for safety reasons.

5 The gift giving window will be 2 weeks. From July 21 to August 4

6 The goal is to bring a little joy to someone else's life. It can be trinkets, hand crafts, creative and fun.
* I recommend a 10$ limit.

7 Unfortunately sometimes things happen.
*Let me and the giftee know if you are delayed.
*If you need to drop out please let me know ASAP.
*If you would be willing to fill in as an emergency santa if someone drops out please let me know in your comment on the official post.

8 Remember the Golden Rule.

The next post will be the official post for people to sign up. If there are any questions please ask and I'll try to address them before we go 'live'. :)


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